Repair / Restoration  for the Porsche 356A SWF Turn Signal Switch 
 {Type 356 Turn Signal Switch}
 Porsche 356 Pre-A, A, & B/C, 912 & Early 911        Turn Signal Switch 
 Restored   SWF  Blinker Switches For 356A ' Second Generation '  ( T2 ) 
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356A  1956 thru 1959
Reproduction wiring cover for the Porsche 356A SWF Blinker Switch
              Correct for coupes and open cars, 1956 thru 1959
                                           Porsche Part  # 644 61 245 
Here is my reproduction blinker wire cover.

A nice fitting cover  6 inches long, that will fit both coupes and open cars, and can be trimmed.

Blinker switch housing is for illustration only
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Repair / Restoration  for the Porsche 356B/C SWF Turn Signal Switch 1960 - 1965
Switch disassembled, cleaned, contacts burnished & polished, stalk/lever re-chromed, new springs, reassembled, adjusted, lubricated, wires and connectors replaced / re-soldered as needed, new wiring sheaths. Tests: Mechanical; action & function, Electrical; meg ohm to ground & load.  My  correct, new  handle/knob is installed.   

These  switches  are restored;  cosmetically, mechanically and  electrically. They under go continuous  testing  throughout  the  restoration process.

                 Replacement or fabrication of broken or missing internal parts , extra $                                                                           Payment upon completion                        
              No exchanges at this time. Restoration your switch only

          No  reproduction switches  accepted,  they are not repairable
      356 B/C  1960 thru 1965    912 and Early 911 
356A  1956 through 1959
Pix of recent customers switches

Disconnect battery  before working on any electrical under dash.
There are circuits that are live all of time.
If shorted to ground could fuse (weld to ground) and start electrical fire!
Some of these circuits are; B /C Turn-signal switch ( lower switch, hi-lo-flasher ), Horn, Light switch, Horn brush contact on steering column tube and Ignition switch.
Apply's to all 356 cars.


in Black Matte Stainless Steel

356 B/C Blinker switch

$9.00 set

Broken  moveable contact carrier plate on left.
Good plate on  right. 

This is a expensive repair.
                      ' Red Tip '  Blinker Switch ( light in  stalk )

   Repair / Restoration  for the Porsche 356 Pre-A SWF Blinker Switch 
Pix of customers switch
The switch came to me because indicator  light was not working, broken wire in stalk.
Click on any thumbnail to enlarge
Switch needed to be completely taken apart to effect repair. ( these switches were never meant to be serviced ) The action was very stiff, you can see dried up grease and dirt accumulation. Also note;  in the lower contact the detent ball was loose. A new detent  contact insulator was machined, new detent spring installed, broken wire replaced & all contacts burnished.
Cleaned, lubed & reassembled. Stalk and lens were  buffed  bright.
Switch was  mechanically and electrically  tested.   
      Pre-A Red Tip Blinker Switch Restoration 
Here are pix of another  Pre-A switch project. 
This switch had many parts missing, when I received it.
A new,  bulb base / contact assembly needed to be fabricated (assembly with pig tail). Ground contact for stalk was broken, a new contact was made. Again the detent contact spring was replaced and set in new insulating bushing. New dog point set screws for the switch were fabricated. It is waiting on a lens to complete project.
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Historical notes about  SWF:
Throughout the  Porsche 356  production era. SWF was a main OEM supplier of electrical  components like;  switches, blinker switches & lights, wiper  motors, wiper  gear boxes & wiper blade assemblies to Porsche.
SWF :   Spezial Werkzeugfabrik Feuerback translated-  Specialty Tool  Factory Feuerback - (location Stuttgart-Feuerback)

Began operations in  1923 making specialty hand tools, by 1926 they were manufacturing automotive  blinker indicators and switches, starting in 1927 automotive electrical windshield wipers and components were manufactured. In 1936 they were taken over by Gustave Rau,  a private concern. By 1938 they were renamed SWF  Spezialfabrik für Autozubehör Gustav Rau GmbH or Special Factory for Automotive Accessories Gustave Rau GmbH.
Post  WWII SWF became part of the  German economic miracle as a major OEM supplier for the  German and European auto industry.
In the 1970's Gustave's son sold the company to international conglomerate ITT and it became SWF Auto-Electric GmbH, then in 1998 they sold to the giant, French manufacturing concern, Valéo SA. ( Ferodo, SWF, Paris-Rhône, Cibié, SEV-Marchal, to name  a few brands ).

                                              That's enough for now.    " genug ist genug "    Doug...
Lens buffed bright and reunited with blinker switch.
Your switch: cleaned & brightened, stalk replaced with new ( Polished Stainless Steel stalk ), new springs, mechanism lubricated & contacts burnished. Sheath replaced. Wires and bullet ends replaced as required. Tests: Mechanical; action & function, Electrical; meg ohm to ground & load.  

                                          Replacement of broken / missing internal parts extra $.   
  Questions?   e-mail  Doug  
Many request for blinker switch wiring information. This should shed some light on wiring and switch / relay functions.

B/C Turn signal switch.

Here is link to a wiring diagram.

The problem with color coded  diagrams is that while pretty, they may or may not reflect what is on the car. 
Nor do they interpret  internal connections of switches, relays, etc..
Although more tedious it is better work with a line drawing of the wiring.

Lower part of switch ( dimming/flashing) .
Color code for Wires on switch; 

Wires under dash may be same or different.

Input; White w/Black tracer, #56 is from light switch on dash. Hot when dash light switch is turned on.

Input; Red #30 is from light switch. Hot all of time, traces back to  fuse 2.

Output; Yellow #56b. To fuses 9/10 then to low beams.

Output; White w/Red tracer #30/56 (most are faded to pink).  To light signal relay.

Brown wire  goes to Horn contact.

Function of Low-beam / Hi-beam Lever:

Lever back, Low-beams; White w/Black tracer, #56 in. Goes out to Yellow #56b to fuses 9/10 then to Low beams.
Lever forward, High-beams; White w/Black tracer, #56 in. Goes out to White w/Red tracer #30/56 to signal relay then to fuses 11/12 then to High beams.
Lever pulled back hard, passing flasher; Red #30 in. Goes out to White w/Red tracer #30/56 to signal relay. Can flash Low or High beams depending on  Light signal relay ( see below ).

Function of Light signal relay:

It's coil is controlled by light switch on dash.

When dash light switch is off, passing flasher. Flashes Low-beams
When dash light switch is on, passing flasher. Flashes High-beams.

Upper part of switch ( blinker lights ) .
Color code for Wires on switch; Wires under dash may be same or different.
This information also covers  the 356' A Blinker switch

Input; Black w/White-Green tracer, #54 is from blinker relay.

Input; Black w/Purple tracer is from brake switch. 

Output; Black w/Yellow tracer, to Left-rear blinker.

Output; Black w/White tracer, to Left-front blinker.

Output; Black w/Red tracer, to Right-rear blinker.

Output; Black w/Green tracer, to Right-front blinker.

This color code works for all 356' A/B/C switches.


Brown wire  goes to Horn contact.
Passing flasher switch works (is powered ) even when dash light switch & ignition switch are off (power from Red #30 wire ).
Yellow wire #56b is output to Low beams.     
Dimming/Flashing wires; marked 2.5mm on drawing. Equivalent 14 gage wire.
Turn-signal wires; marked 1.5mm on drawing. Equivalent 16 gage wire.
This information is provided to give you a good over-all idea of turn signal switch functions and help with wiring problems.  It is by no means complete or detailed for any of the 356' models.          
  Blinker switch wiring help  
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Repair / Restoration for Aston Martin Late-DB4, DB5 & DB6
Dip and Indicator Switch 
With SWF switch PT # 23.37.224 ( paddle handle ) 
For this restoration  service, pricing and  lead  time  please  contact Doug  e-mail  below
New Handle / Knob for the Porsche 356B/C SWF Turn Signal Switch
                     BLINKER SWITCH HANDLE / KNOB  Fits; 356 B/C 60-65    912/911 65-68 
                                                 Porsche equivalent part # 644-552-853-05 

   Brand new part. From my  tooling.  High strength ABS plastic, injection molded in  Addison Illinois USA

                                                  Concours quality restoration handle / knob

                Not being  able to find  a quality handle / knob to compliment  my restored  switches
                                              I decided to manufacture my own, here they are...
These are my parts
    Made in the USA
These are my parts
    Made in the USA
356 B/C Blinker  Switch Handle  Part # 644-552-853-05

Price $36.00 each     
To place order go to;  Services, Kits, Parts, Page
356 A Wiring  cover.  Part # 644 61 245
$22.00 each Price 

To order go to; 
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 As shown in drawing. Bulb in stalk has two + connections. (there is NO ground connection to switch) 
With turn signal lever set, let’s say to right, + & R contacts now connected.
Two things happen.
The + contact is now a low resistance negative (pulls negative thru the turn signal bulbs to ground).
Stalk bulb lights-up and flasher relay (internal) heater starts to heat-up.
When flasher relay (internal) heater makes it's contact, output 49 a/s becomes +, stalk bulb goes out (two + connections) and turn signal bulbs light.
Flasher relay (internal) heater cools then it's contact opens, cycle starts again. Scenario is same for left function. 
Indicator bulb and turn signal bulbs will light, alternate of each other.

Note: interspersed description, flasher relay-unit-can, same.
Porsche 356 Pre-A Red–Tip Blinker Switch Electrical Wiring
This information  provided to dispel the  mystery  surrounding  the  Lighted  Pre-A Blinker  switch.

Wiring connections for non-original mechanical ( with heater element ) flasher relay
Indicative of currently available flasher relay

For replacement  Paddle handle ( Late-DB4, DB5 & DB6 )  See Blinker  switch handle above
Very early Porsche 356A SWF Turn Signal Switch ' First Generation '  ( T1)
Please take a look  at  switch below. 
This is the  early  version of the SWF 356 A switch used from 1956 into 1957. 
This seems to be  SWF's first attempt at a self canceling  switch ( as you know the  356 pre-A  blinkers were  non- self canceling ) . Although  original to the 'A' cars. This switch was of very poor design and function. Internal wires fray and could short to ground, cancel  arm mechanism not reliable.
Almost  all were  replaced (including my 56' A coupe) with the more robust and common ' Second Generation ' switch pictured above. 

                                      They are  not  repairable.   I cannot restore them 

             If you have this early version switch.  Do not send. Throw in junk box or sell on Ebay... 
 For switch restoration and shipping instructions, email Doug 
  For switch restoration and shipping instructions, email Doug

Replacement Lens for 356 Pre-A  SWF blinker switch

Have had many request for  the Pre-A blinker switch lens. Made  a few of these for customers over the  years.
If you  need  a lens ( broken, missing or just  want to save your  original ) this might be a solution.
This is not a cast reproduction.. It is  a turned, threaded and polished  durable acrylic replacement lens.

No longer  available
Repair / Restoration  for the Porsche  912 & Early 911 SWF Turn Signal Switch 
     356 A Blinker Switch Restoration 
     356 B/C Blinker Switch Restoration 
     912 & Early 911 Blinker Switch Restoration 
     Aston Martin 
Dip & Indicator Switch Restoration 
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Restored DB5 / DB6 switches ready to go back to customer in England
Note: Turn signal housing, mounting & wire color code is same for both First & Second generation switches  
                                                               Switches are interchangeable
Two wire flasher relay could be used ( 'can' is the ground connection)
For bench test; To make flasher relay work. You will need at  least one 6V 18-Watt bulb for load.
K is +6 V all of time, goes to flasher unit then back to fuse block, fuse #1.  
If stalk bulb does not work on car. Apply 6V across K & +, if  stalk bulb lights. You have other external issues.
I would use the 6 volt 1.2 watt instrument bulb. 900-631-002-90 
The .6 watt maybe a bit too dim since we are pulling the ground thru the turn signal bulbs.

This is  strictly  old  school dry-contact technology.

To make stalk bulb work
Here are two options:
Flasher relay can with  internal heater and filament bulbs.

 Solid-state flasher relay use filament bulbs in front ( left & right )
 and LED bulbs in rear ( left & right )

Blinker switch mounting screws.        TO MOUNT SWITCH TO HOUSING

The use of wrong screws for mounting the switch ( too long ). Can result in damaging the internal, movable contact carrier plate. See pix below.  

The internet rumors of my  demise  are  wildly exaggerated.....

 Switches in Que and on  bench  every day

Hundreds of switches ( over 500 ) restored over the years and delivered to customers around the globe                      None returned.... 

These include; 
Porsche  356 / 912 / 911 blinker switches & wiper switches 
Aston Martin late DB4 / DB5 / DB6 dip & indicator switches 

  Questions?   e-mail  Doug   

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                         Many column switch sets  restored 
                         912  Chrome with  hard plastic handle   
                         911 black paint with  soft rubber handle

1969 911E column switch set restored  
1965 - 1967   912 / 911 restored Wiper Switch 
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912 / early 911 Blinker switch & Wiper switch

$9.00 set

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