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Porsche 356  Pre A Vented  valve covers, pair.
        Stamped, Porsche  # 546 04 201
     The  546 prefix indicates 1500 motor
NOS.  Appear to be unused. Some surface rust

Porsche 356  A/B Used Original  Coupe Interior Mirror                              One Hole Style                   
Original coupe mirror. Non day-nite.
Correct for all A' Coupes and T-5 B's.  
1956 thru 1961.

Tried to focus thru mirror to show  silver condition.

                              Porsche 356  A/B Used oil cooler, 6MM Studs
                                Brazilian VW style replacement oil cooler. 
                   ( this is the steel replacment oil cooler everyone sells for $120.00)
I used this cooler in my  56 Coupe while  OEM oil cooler was out for repair. Solvent flushed.

Porsche 356 Pre A  Fuel Pump                   
 Nice- correct, early Porsche 356 Pre-A Fuel  pump. 
Marked, Deutsche Vergasser Gesellschaft (DVG) with  Robert Kharmann stamp.
Rebuilt with  OEM-German ( Pierburg) diaphragm and my PTFE valves and SS springs. Original screws (replated) .
Tests at  10" vacuum - inlet / 2.5 PSI - outlet.

Looks good, test great, last a long time...

Porsche 356 A  Fuel Pump                   
 Nice- correct,  Porsche 356 A Fuel  pump

Marked, Deutsche Vergasser Gesellschaft (DVG)
( internal Robert Kharmann stamp ) 

N.O.S.  OEM-Pierburg,  German

Test great

A few stain spots from  storage   

Never installed on motor   ( the last virgin A' fuel pump??? )

$500.00   Outright