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           356 A/B Early Pump
            Rebuilt and tested 

 Brand New Part
 Fuel Screen Kit.   For 356 C/912 fuel pump (Late style pump)   Also fits  40 HP-1300 VW Fuel Pump
  356 C/912 & 40 HP 1300-1500 VW  Fuel pump screen kit  
  Part # 616.108.904.100 
  Price $4.50 each kit    
No out right  fuel pumps at this time

$250.00 with rebuild-able core + S/H   USA $15.00
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Contact Doug, for availability and S/H outside of USA.

See: Rebuilding Page for details.
E-mail       info@type356a.com
Fuel pump flange to case  O ring
This buna-n O ring fits both the A/B pump intermediate flange and  C / 912 pump lower housing flange.
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Reproduction wiring cover  for the Porsche 356A SWF Blinker Switch
Blinker wiring cover
$20.00 each
Blinker switch housing is for illustration only
DVG Fuel pump flange to case gasket/ shim 
Provides proper spacing for fuel pump installation. Three gaskets needed.  Makes installation easy.  Machine die cut.
            The Early Pump
Parts For DVG 356A/B fuel pump
                The Late Pump
Parts For APG 356 B/C/912 fuel pump
Rebuilt  APG Fuel Pumps ( Late style pump)
In an effort to keep fuel pump rebuilding costs low, I have outsourced or have made key rebuilding components. 

              The  Early Pump
Rebuilt DVG 356A/B fuel pump
DVG Fuel pump cone top
DVG cone top OEM
OEM  New, (NOS - German)..  This top always takes a lot of abuse.. If upper bolt flange is distorted, grooved or top crushed. It is almost impossible to seal fuel leaks...  
Rebuild your pump $180.00 with core + S/H   USA $15.00

No out right  fuel pumps at this time     
  Fuel Pump Rebuild kit.   For 356 C/912 fuel pump (Late style pump) 
        This is the currently  available commercial kit.   
        Plus I include;  Flange to case O' ring 
  356 C/912 Rebuild kit
  $42.50 each kit   
 Included free with each pump
 My, flange to case  Gasket/Shim set
Prices good for 2017
 Brand New Part
 Fuel Screen Kit.   For 356 A/B fuel pump (Early style pump) 
Kit includes: New; screen, gasket and fiber washer.  All parts are Ethanol compliant.

A must have for your annual fuel pump maintenance or carry as a spare in your travel kit.    
150 micron rated  fabric. Keeps smallest  particles  from plugging  your  carburetor!  Important upgrade from factory style large mesh metal screen.    
  356 A/B Fuel pump screen kit.  
  Part # 616.108.417.100 
  Price $4.50 each kit     
These are my parts.

    Made in the USA
Technical notes:
Fuel filter is made of  fuel grade Nylon 6/6.
Screen is Swiss made, Nitex fabric. 150 micron rating.
Injection molded Addison Illinois, USA
Gasket is Cork/Nitrile, Military spec. SAE-AMS-C-6183, USA
Washer is vulcanized fiber compressed, USA

            Fuel Pump Rebuild kit.   For 356 A/B fuel pump (Early style pump) 

Also Fits;  356 Pre-A fuel pump
Also Fits;  VW 25 HP & 36 HP fuel pumps 
Also Fits;  Merceds-Benz (short kit) for Ponton, early SL-190 fuel pumps         
  356 A/B Rebuild kit
  $42.50 each kit    
                     This is the currently  available commercial kit.       
                   Plus I Include  3-Gasket  set  shown below
 356 Pre-A & Early VW  Fuel  Pumps Rebuilt ;    Ask!
Also fits: Mercedes-Benz;  Ponton and SL-190 fuel pumps & NSU. If it looks like it will fit your fuel pump, it  will.
Ponton / SL-190 Fuel pump
Porsche 356A Fuel pump
Nice Fit
This is what you are buying. Comes boxed
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Three  gasket  set,  $6.00 each  set
Flange  to  case O'Ring,  $3.00 each  
356 B/C Blinker  Switch Handle  Part # 644-552-853-05

                          Price $32.00 each     
OEM German fuel pump Cap,  $75.00